So, you've decided to try Al's for the first time. Here are a few helpful hints you should know.

  1. Payment Al's accepts cash and personal checks. No credit cards. There are many cash machines in Dinkytown, and a Target where you can get cash back on a small purchase.
  2. The Line Al's has 14 stools at a counter. Because we have so few seats, it is easy for a line to accumulate. Typically the line moves pretty quickly, but if it is out the door, it could be a while. Have no fear! This is a great time to talk to friends, meet new people, and enjoy a beverage from our local coffee shop, Espresso Royale. There isn't a good way to know how long the line will take, as this is mostly based on how quickly the current diners chew their food.
  3. Cutting in Line Like in elementary school, there is no saving spots in line. Your entire party should be present when you enter the line. Once in line, you are allowed to leave to plug your meter, get cash, etc. You will be asked to join the rest of your party at the end of the line if newcomers try to join you after you have been waiting. It's only fair. When you get to the front of the line, the staff will seat you.
  4. When You Should Sit Depending on the staff, you may be asked to wait until a spot is cleared before you sit. Don't be offended if it sounds snappy.
  5. Being Yelled At Don't fear the attack waitress. Her bark is worse than her bite.
  6. Being Yelled At Part 2: About The Door In The Winter If you hold the door open during the winter you will be yelled at. The cold Minnesota air will cool off other customers' waffles.
  7. Fainting Al's is a small, sometimes warm space. If you feel faint while standing in line, what ever the reason, let us know and we will happily get you some water or juice. Fainting is less fun than it looks.
  8. Closing Time We close at 1pm every day that we're open. If you're in line at 1pm, we'll feed you. If you try to join the line at 1:01pm we'll inform you that we're closed and wait until you leave - even if you just won a Nobel prize and the key to the city and you're one of our own mothers.
  9. Allergies Let us know if you have any food allergies. We'd like to make sure we don't contribute to an ambulance ride. Again, less fun than it looks
  10. Have fun! Eat good food!